1 sept. 2017

Trailer En Blanco

New Jewelry Collection

The fashion film EN BLANCO is a mix of Art, Poetry, Dance, Photography and Music together with nine women artists, will make your heartbeat raise.

EN BLANCO (literally IN WHITE) is a spanish expression used to define a state, a mood "...when your mind goes blank".

In this short fashion film, nine different women are carried to the depths of their most private and intimate thoughts, while their minds go blank for a moment.

This film has been created to present the new Jewelery Collection by Vacía la Nevera.
By watching it, the public will get some clues on what the new collection is about.

Directed by
Rubén Morales Sánchez

Federica Cino

Leyenda y sueño, by Ana Jimenez Pazpatti (Miradas de Luna y Tambores)

Yaiza Davilla Gómez

Teresa Sanchez, Liliana Barros, Yaiza Davilla Gómez, Raquel Mendívil Pita, Federico Longo, Angelina Ogunnorin, Ana Pérez Duro, Jin Young Won, Hope Dougherty, Francesco Vecchione

Francesco Vecchione
Francesco Vecchione

Rubén Morales Sánchez, Yaiza Davilla Gómez

Francesco Vecchione

Special Thanks
Gaetano Franzese, Felix Servas, Uli and Manfred Jakobs


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